The Bus

Jeraldine the bus was in a very sorry state when we first took her on. Much of the engine and running gear had been cannibalised to fix other buses and many windows and panels needed replacing. She is a rescued bus and very much loved for a new and unusual life as a home to a gamelan orchestra.

RML 2413

Jeraldine with friends in 1968

Jeraldine the country bus

Jeraldine Joyce Davenport (Registration plate JJD 413D) is a Routemaster bus RML 2413. She started life in 1966 and she has been a green country bus around Bishops Stortford, a training bus and a red London bus serving Oxford Street, Tottenham Court road, Abbey Road and Baker Street.

Jeraldine as a London number 10 bus in 1994

At the coachworks in 2013

August 2015 - The gearbox was reconditioned and the drive no longer slips up hill which is much more reassuring for the driver.